Turquoise: December's Birthstone

December is a month of friendship and family. Holidays are spent together, time is spent together, and happiness abounds. The birthstone of this winter month is Turquoise. She resonates with protection and strength ranging in colors of blue to blue-green. It is one of the oldest stones and has been used for generations resonating with friendship, protection, and leadership.

Historically, December’s beautiful crystal has been used by Turkish and Orient kingdoms for different purposes including but not limited to protection in battle and to garner friendships. It was thought to be most powerful when given to one by a friend or loved one. She can be used in multiple settings. In the workplace, she will promote productivity and leadership. In your day to day life, she will enhance friendship and protect you from harsh emotions.


Mentally, turquoise resonates with abilities of communication and speaking. Those who need to express themselves clearly or who have anxiety in public scenarios are encouraged to utilize turquoise. She also enhances an individuals empathy, creativity, happiness, and intuition. December’s birthstone is ideal for enhancing friendships and relationships through communication and understanding.

Physically, this healing crystal has many resonating powers. Turquoise is more than a stone of communication, it is also a stone of physical strength. It is good for healing the symptoms of exhaustion, depression, and panic attacks. She heals the immune system, is an anti-inflammatory, and eases migraines.

Turquoise will benefit your mood and the balance of your emotions. Furthermore, she strengthens the energy fields of the body. She resonates with the Third Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra. She is ideal for meditation. She most strongly resonates with the throat chakra and its energies of communication and creativity. If you are feeling stuck, unable to express yourself, December’s birthstone would be ideal to balance and heal the flow of your Throat Chakra.

Turquoise is a stone of beauty, of personal protection, and communication. She heals those around her resonating with spiritual energies and physical healing. She is as bright and expressive as those born in December, she is a stone of true healing and happiness. 

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