Alexanderite: June's Birthstone

Alexanderite: June's Birthstone



The rare gemstone, Alexandrite, is as unique as those born in June. At first appearance this healing crystal is a calming green but put under a light it will shine a brilliant red. She is a stone of courage, of joy, and of beauty. She is the stone of the 55th anniversary and was accidentally discovered in Russian mines many years ago.

Since her discovery, she has been known as a healing crystal that generates luck, good fortune, and love. It resonates deeply with feelings of romance and self-appreciation. She will restore one’s confidence in love and in themselves.

The calm and peacefulness that comes from Alexandrite would be ideal for situations that positions one in stress or anger. Wearing her as an amulet will ease the mind and the energies that are within you. She would be useful in a work setting to ease stress and improve confidence in one’s own work.


Physically, Alexandrite can aid in recovery after surgery or long-term illness. She purifies and circulates the blood restoring the bodys function and health. She can resonate with healing dealing with the pancreas, spleen nervous system, and reproductive organs.

Emotionally, she will restore depleted self-esteem and confidence. She is a protective stone that will calm and reject negative interferences. In relationships, she generates happiness, joy, and trust between partners. This beautiful stone will increase intuition and sight, enabling you to see the beauty of the day, in life, and in yourself!

Alexandrite resonates with the Crown Chakra. She will balance and restore the energies of the seventh chakra. She improves consciousness, realization, a liberation of the mind, and presence within one's life and self. 

Her beauty is only the beginning of the wonder that is Alexandrite! Using her healing properties to benefit yourself will encourage self-growth, positivity, and health. Start summer with the confidence, beauty, health, and luck you need to prosper!



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