Amethyst : February's Birthstone

Amethyst : February's Birthstone


The shimmering violet of amethyst enchants those around, resonating with creative and peaceful energies. The birthstone for the month of love, February, is this powerful healing crystal. This luxurious stone has a deep history in many cultures. It was highly praised by St. Valentine of Rome and is associated with love and care. In Greek legend, this crystal was thought to protect from intoxication. Found in the beautiful countries of Brazil, Africa, and Mexico, she is a crystal close to the divine.

Her usefulness can be endless. The purple amethyst would be a great addition to a creative space, a writer’s office or an artist’s studio. She has been known as the Poet and the Painter’s stone. Her calming presence would be ideal for stressful work environments or team meetings to promote clarity and a peaceful community.

February’s stone is a key crystal to heal and balance the relationship between your emotions and your physical body. She is a stone of calming truth. Her presence will bring you back to earth after a particularly stressful week. When you are overworked and stressed she can be a helpful element in your self-care routine. She eases anxieties, keeping your thoughts peaceful to benefit your growth.

Mentally, amethyst would be helpful to those fighting addiction or negative behaviors. It is the stone of the strong-willed. She will resonate deeply with emotions of insecurity, allowing you to identify the causes of negativity in your behavior. Truly a stone of strength and sobriety. She will encourage you as you grow and heal.

Physically, amethyst can heal the immune system easing pain and discomfort. Furthermore, she will balance hormones and therefore energies and emotions. She will promote restful sleep and a healthy body.

February’s birthstone resonates with the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Her properties enhance insight, awareness, and calming thoughts. Amethyst balances the third eye chakra, the center of internal communication and acceptance. The crown chakra is also benefited by this healing stone. It connects you to universal communication, understanding, and love.

Amethyst is magical in color and healing. She promotes self-acceptance and self-love. Also the love you carry for others. She resonates with your deepest emotions and balances them to be healthy and vibrant. This is a stone with history, power, and beauty. February’s birthstone is absolutely magnificent.


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