Healing Crystals for Aries

Healing Crystals for Aries

Those born between March 21st and April 20th are Aries, a sign of fire and passion. Aries are courageous, confident, heartfelt. Their energy draws others towards them. They are a positive attraction in the universe. Aries are trailblazers. They are creative and innovative in finding new ways to make the world around them better. The confidence that runs through the veins of an Aries drives them to speak their mind and always be truthful. They do not do things half-heartedly, they give it their all.

 This horoscope resonates with the fire element, the color red, and the ram. Their lucky crystal is diamond. As bright and admired as they are. Diamonds will amplify the already positive energy that radiates from you. They release fear and anxiety, balancing the heart in peace. While the fiery Aries is always on the go it may be good to take a moment and relax. Citrine will allow you to balance those passionate emotions within you. The impatience and moodiness that is sometimes susceptible to the ram will be released with this golden beauty.

   Bloodstone resonates with the root chakra, grounding you. Bloodstone is particularly powerful for Aries as it resonates with the color red. It will remind you of the world and what is important to you within it. This fiery red crystal clears confusion about your goals and dreams. In contrast, Aquamarine, a water stone will balance the fire of Aries. When your energy is too ecstatic it is good to rest. Aquamarine will allow for healthy communication regarding goals and relationships.

   Aries is a sign that is smart, innovative, and determined. They reach their goals but sometimes experience impatience and frustration. In these moments it is ideal to rest and balance your emotions and energy. This fiery horoscope can benefit greatly from many healing crystals!

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