Peridot: August's Birth Stone

Peridot: August's Birth Stone

The Peridot healing crystal is a lesser known and lesser appreciated stone. However, it’s beautiful green coloring shimmers with healing power and properties. Like a luscious field in summer the Peridot is a color of allure and beauty. She is a gem of renewal, purification, and growth. She is the birthstone of the late summer month August and like those born in the month August she will protect those around her and comfort them.

Peridot is not a stone of casual creation. The earth has created her beauty within molten and pressure and only after many years does she come to the surface where she can be utilized for her healing properties and beauty by us. This olive colored stone has been found in meteorites as well! She has been prized by great civilizations such as the Egyptians. She does not fail those who utilize her powers.


She will balance the chaos and cycles of your life. Use her to cut negative habits and regulate physical, emotional, or mental phases. Wear her near your heart to resonate deeply with the heart chakra and open yourself to love and acceptance. Partnered with gold her beauty is astounding. Wear her in stressful situations as she will protect your heart and yourself from gossip, negativity, and envy promoting your personal growth and success.

 Physically, August’s birthstone balances the functions of the body. For example, she heals the endocrine system, adrenal system, and enhances the physical processes of the body’s everyday functioning! She is a cleanser stone. She will detox the body of negative toxins that may be creating you to move slower or in pain. She further benefits the immune system, metabolism, and skin generation. She can be used to ease ulcers, lethargy, apathy, and exhaustion.


 Peridot resonates with the Heart Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. She protects us and balances what we can endure between our inner self and the outer world. When we are emotionally unstable in situations she will calm you and promote ease. Balancing the Heart Chakra allows you to understand your needs. She will allow for proper self-care, love, and preservation. Her resonating powers with the Solar Plexus will encourage the health of the immune system and we will be able to clearly interpret the world around us with clear and bright eyes.

She will restore you. She resolves aches of the heart. Whether you have experienced heartbreak, loss, or confusion she gives comfort to those in need of it most. She inspires one to live their best life. To live a life of beauty, happiness, and love. Think of the moment when you are near a lush field. The sun stretches out far into the sky. The lavish green grass stretches far into the horizon offering possibility and the hope of the future. This is what Peridot offers to those who utilize her beauty! Like August she is full of warmth, like those born in August she will never give up on you!


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