Diamond: April's Birthstone

Diamond: April's Birthstone



  The stone of light, a symbol of purity, a gem of commitment, the Diamond is the birthstone of April. She has been forged in strength and hardened with courage and beauty. The Diamond may be shaped in a multitude of ways and can vary from translucent to frosty. She is made of purity, love, and commitment. She eases emotional pain and enhances energy. Those that are born in April are made of the same greatness, beauty, and are courageous.

She is also the stone of love. Found in India as long as 6000 years ago they have been used as gems of beauty and religious symbols for centuries. The Ancient Greeks named the crystal invisible and were considered a token of winning. Since the Renaissance, they have been used as a symbol of everlasting love as engagement rings.

The Diamond is ideal for spaces that are filled with stress such as work. She can ease the tightened energy and increase productivity. She can be used as a piece of jewelry during mediation, or to relieve anxiety throughout the day. She will ease nightmares in your sleeping space and let you rest peacefully.



Physically, the Diamond will amplify the power of other healing crystals. She can strengthen the capacity of our brain function and has eased the effects of strokes, epilepsy, and low energy levels. This crystal will block electromagnetic stress and enlighten your body’s mood.She will calm the organs of the body so that they work efficiently for your body’s health and happiness.

Emotionally, Diamonds will increase one's emotional state. She enhances the ability of the moon. She inspires love and clarity within our relationships and cleanses negativity from your heart. April’s birthstone will ease fear and improve your imagination. Utilize her power to access your greatness and happiness!

Diamonds resonate most deeply with the Crown Chakra. As the gateway between body, world, and universe a healthy flowing Crown Chakra is important. The high frequency of the Diamond improves creativity and spiritual aareness, creating a balanced mind and sight forward. Obstacles will not daunt us when our Crown Chakra is healthy and balanced. We will see the day brightly and be excited about each new moment!

Her beauty is not contested, her healing power is unmatched. April is a month of new beginnings. Celebrate this month with the delicacy of the Diamond. Know you are loved, capable, and healthy with her healing properties. Experience an enlightened self and a brighter tomorrow with the Diamond.





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