Emerald: May's Birthstone

Emerald: May's Birthstone



May’s birthstone, Emerald, is a crystal of revitalization. Whether it is love, passion, or motivation her presence rekindles what has once been lost. She relieves negative energies and promotes positive actions. She is a vibrant green semi-precious stone and symbolizes mercy, compassion and universal love. Emerald strengthens the heart’s wisdom, promotes vision and intuition, and restores the Heart Chakra. The spring month of May is a time for new hope, new beginnings, and new futures.

Emerald has been highly regarded for over six thousand years. She has been a stone of worship, a symbol of eternal life, and was the favorite gem of Cleopatra. Emerald has been used for thousands of years to enhance love and decorate the regal appearance of royal figures. She has been highly regarded for both her beauty and her capabilities.

 She can be used for multiple purposes that enhance her owner’s life. From rekindling old flames to finding new creative outlets May’s birthstone is ideal for many moments in life. Perhaps you need an extra boost of confidence for a big project or a first date, wearing Emerald will not only enhance your outfit but boost your self-esteem and energies of love will radiate from you! In the workplace or school, she will strengthen your memory, enhance your speaking abilities, and heighten her owner’s business instinct. 


Physically, May’s crystal is used to treat a variety of symptoms and ailments. She can revitalize organs, ease aging symptoms, aid infection recovery, and sooth epilepsy, headaches, and allergies. She has been used to heal skin that is prone to eczema and rashes. Her ability has been treated for healing eyesight and her deep connection to our Heart Chakra makes her an ideal crystal to ease cardiac weakness and illnesses.

Emotionally, Emerald is a stone that protects those who wear her. She gives them the strength to overcome even the unlikeliest of situations. She gives courage to past victims to become the heroes of their own stories. Her vitality will resonate throughout the one who wears her and encourages hope, gentleness, and compassion.

Emeralds resonate with the Heart Chakra, especially the lower chakra. A balanced and healthy Anahata will flow like air and encourage the growth of new relationships, increase empathy, and harnesses peace within our emotions. A healthy Heart Chakra will enhance forgiveness, transformation, and open centers of awareness and appreciation.

The energies of love and understanding that flow from the healing abilities of Emerald are unparalleled. She will calm the nervous, ease the brokenhearted, and plant hope and inspiration within weary hearts. She will carry you to a place of nirvana and happiness. As the sun arrives for the spring days ahead, appreciate the warm comfort it brings. Allow Emerald to enhance your appreciation for everything beautiful and serene in this life.



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