Flowing With Aquamarine

Flowing With Aquamarine




Aquamarine mesmerizes with it’s ocean-blue to a frosty snow-white color range. Aquamarine is the color of transition, and of the crossover from winter to spring. We can imagine the image in our mind, of ice turning to water, running free into the grass, the soil, enriching the earth we stand upon. We know this feeling of rejuvenation deep in our bones: Aquamarine, the word itself is derived from the Latin words Aqua, meaning water, and Marina, meaning the sea. One flows into another, and the cycle continues.


March’s birthstone is known for its potent healing properties. Rejuvenate with Aquamarine. March is the month to put the winter behind you and look to the future.


Aquamarine is mainly from Brazil. However, it’s not a Brazilian exclusive. Like most gemstones, it comes from a variety of places. Aquamarine can also be found in Madagascar, Pakistan, Zambia, Mozambique, and Nigeria. Though not exclusive to Brazil, the biggest aquamarine gemstone ever found was unearthed from Brazilian soil – it weighed in at over 240 pounds! While this particular stone isn’t the norm, it’s not uncommon to find these gemstones growing up to a foot long. Aquamarine is large, and that's why this gem is so perfect for cutting and polishing. Its size makes it ideal for larger karats and for making an impact on those around you.


Similar to last month’s birthstone, the amethyst, aquamarine is no stranger to love. Though, Aquamarine doesn’t just evoke the love of another – it also evokes self-love. Its healing properties evoke healthy change and feeling good in your body. So hold one of these stones near and feel the change of spring flow through you.


Aquamarine does have a romantic side too, a unique anniversary – the 19th wedding anniversary! So, love bugs, if you’re near this particular milestone yourself or know somebody who is, then be sure to spread the love with this beautiful and unique gemstone. Aquamarine is an excellent gift for anybody because of its diversity. Its color is devoid of any yellow, no matter what shade – deep ocean-blue or frosty snow-white – so it fits perfectly with almost any outfit.


Aquamarines range of powers doesn’t end there, however, as the March gemstone hold powerful healing properties too. Specifically, it’s known for curing jaw, liver, throat, and stomach ailments – which is quite an impressive resumé of healing power. But it’s power doesn’t end there, it’s also a powerful known agent against the evils of jealousy and envy, which isn’t surprising considering that Aquamarine is thought to purify the blood.


So there you have it, love bugs, the March birthstone in a nutshell. It’s the perfect gemstone for this season of transition and change.



Stay fly!


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