Getting Cozy with Rose Quartz

Getting Cozy with Rose Quartz


Life is full of surprises. Sometimes these surprises are so audacious that they defy all belief and expectation, think of the most unexpected gift from a loved one or partner, and sometimes the surprises are of a much less shocking scale – the Rose Quartz is the latter here. It’s no surprise at all that the beautiful stone, shaped like a heart, with the pink shade reminiscent of a cartoon heart, is the gemstone of unconditional love.


The Rose Quartz is the perfect gemstone for February, as it is a calming stone, associated with inner peace and healing emotional wounds. When it’s cold outside, the Rose Quartz will make you glow from within. It has been used since ancient times as a token of love, as far back as 600 B.C., and is still renowned for attracting new love, as well as deepening the bonds of existing love.


Though the Rose Quartz has many uses in the pursuit of romantic love, it is not limited to only this pursuit. It is often used by pregnant mothers to promote peace and love within. If you have a Rose Quartz around and happen to be pregnant, try placing the gemstone on your stomach to help soothe both you and your baby – the Rose Quartz is known for fostering unconditional love.


This gemstone was used in ancient times as an ointment for keeping skin young and fresh too, often serving the same purpose as modern anti-aging creams. The ancient Egyptians would create facial masks of Rose Quartz, as shown by the recovery of such masks in ancient Egyptian tombs. They believed that these masks would prevent wrinkles and clear their complexions.


The Rose Quartz is a powerful stone. It’s a gemstone that speaks of regeneration and love. It’s a trusted gemstone that offers healing and calm in equal doses, used during times of grief and crisis, if one has nightmares or fears – look for the Rose Quartz. Even though it’s good in times of need, this gemstone’s primary function is to spread the love. Whether it’s the love between a happy couple or the love from parent to child, the Rose Quartz doesn’t discriminate. It facilitates all.


Love flows this month, love bugs. If you have a Rose Quartz around, lend it to someone special for a little extra boost. Even if you don’t, allow yourself to feel the love this month, for yourself and others. It’ll keep you safe.


Whatever you do, don’t forget to stay fly!

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