Garnet: January's Birthstone

Garnet: January's Birthstone


  With the new year comes new beginnings. The chance to experience, create, and enjoy every new opportunity that this year has in store for you. January’s birthstone is Garnet, a magically deep red healing crystal. She can also be found in shades of pink, orange, and green. It has been used for centuries by a wide array of people for its healing and resonating properties.

  She is a stone of health and creativity. She has been used as such for generations. Her significance is seen in Roman, Aztec, and African histories and cultures. She was utilized for truth and sensuality, creativity and faith. Garnet was named for her resemblance to the pomegranate and her sweet ability to heal those around her. 

 January’s birthstone would be best utilized in a stressful environment such as work. Holding her near will ground you in positivity and realization of what is important. Celebrate the new year with a piece of jewelry that accents your beauty while being reassured and balanced.

  Emotionally, garnet resonates with safety and protection. With the new year, you may be experiencing the need to move in a new direction and find ways to improve and grow as a person. She is a stone of protection, stability, and alleviation of negative emotions. She will ground you and allow you to recenter and find your spiritual and emotional balance. January's birthstone will bolster your self-love and directs one in the direction of their dreams.


  Physically, garnet is powerful in healing negative toxins and energies locked in your body. When utilizing her healing you will feel the lightness and enjoyability of life without toxins. She may improve the circulation of your bloodstream which has immense benefit by reducing arthritic pain, acne, and increasing metabolism. Your body and health will surely thank you!

  Garnet is a powerful healing crystal that balances and heals your chakras. January's birthstone grounds us to earth and increases our survival instinct and self-interest by balancing the Root Chakra. It is important to stay in the moment and aware of our personal needs when we feel lost or overwhelmed! She also resonates with the Heart Chakra resonates with love, connection, and compassion.


Embrace the new beginnings, opportunities, and moments that this year will bring with Garnet’s powerful essence. Enjoy your brilliance and exceed all of your goals for this new year. You are always capable of reaching your greatest dreams! The new year has finally arrived embrace it with happiness and healthiness.






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