March Birthstone: Blood Stone

March Birthstone: Blood Stone


 Bloodstone is the birthstone for the month of March. She is a restoration stone known for her beautiful dashes of warm red. Each stone is uniquely patterned! This crystal will return your spirit to calm, to peace, and happiness. Bloodstone is found throughout India, Central Europe, and the Middle East. It is deeply intertwined in Ancient Greek history where it is known as the Sun Stone. In Christianity she is the stone of Christ and resonates deeply with one’s spirituality. She increases intuition, creativity, and protection. She grounds, revitalizes the mind and makes decision making clear and easy. She understands the heart, the soul, and has healing properties to ease both.

Wear her as a piece of jewelry or carry a small stone with you to work, to set your goals clearly when you most need it. Sleep with a piece of bloodstone on your nightstand to settle your emotions of the day and move into a deep and comforting sleep that rejuvenates your energy and motivation for tomorrow. Experience a protective sense of healing and clarity with March’s gem, Bloodstone!

Bloodstone can heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. Physically she is ideal for anemia and cleaning the blood. She can detoxify the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, and bladder. She detoxes the body and eases inflammations and infections. Bloodstone is known to absorb pain, whether physical or otherwise.

Metaphysically March’s birthstone helps one overcome stress. She eases the heaviness of the heart and the tensions of the body. She leads one away from dangerous situations, negative energy, and confusion. She increases energy flow and relieves fatigue, irritability, and inconsistency in emotions.

The bloodstone is a stabilizing and grounding stone. She is ideal for balancing and healing the Root Chakra. Her red patterning resonates with the red chakra securing us in our basic needs and support. Experience serenity and a grounded sense of self with the healing properties of bloodstone!


March’s birthstone also resonates with the Heart Chakra. The dark green part of the stone will balance the middle chakra in peace and health. She eases controlling tendencies, overbearing emotions, and external stresses. Bloodstone will create clarity in one’s emotions and insight. Emotional relationships will be balanced and healthy, her healing properties resonating with the Heart Chakra. Green, after all, is the color of love and it is love that heals and reassures us in our most needed moments.

Her dramatic and unique beauty is individualistic just like each of you! She will navigate the heart, the personality, the body, and soul of her user and maximize their strength and vigor through life. She will light the path to success, love, and health!


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