Nature’s Graffiti

Nature’s Graffiti



Welcome to the official LaMens blog, love bugs. In this blog, you will find all sorts of useful information about products we’re working on, but more than that, you’ll get to see why we’re working so hard to bring our jewelry to the world. We believe in making the world a more positive,  colorful and lovable place for everyone and in this blog you’ll get first-hand access to some of the secrets of the stones.


The unexpected beauty of all things


You might wonder why I called this blog Nature’s Graffiti, and I guess it begins with my vision as an artist at heart. I have a passion for pairing the unusual and creating perfect and unexpected marriages. I think of these gems as God’s graffiti. They are a beautiful and a hidden form of art designed by God and made by me, for you to enjoy and keep. When you see these stones, you understand why I call them a masterpiece, a special gift, given from higher forces.


These gemstones sing to me, I love them, I’m drawn to them, and when I’m around them I just can’t help but get excited , to get lost in the moment and be free. These stones were unexpected in my life, and since finding them, I’ve been transformed. Some make me feel happy, serene, grounded and peaceful. Others make me feel healthy, bright and full of light.


Please follow this blog to stay up to date with more information from LaMens, the stones themselves, and to add more positivity,  love and color to your life – as this is the mission of LaMens, to spread love and change the world.


There’s nothing that would make me happier than to see people getting in-tune with themselves and others, to experience the eye-opening beauty of having all senses feel like one. To be adorned with these stones is epic. It’s a gift from God.


It’s Nature’s Graffiti.

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