Octobers' Opal

Octobers' Opal

The October birthstone, Opal, is a kaleidoscope of playful colors. In ancient times it was known as the Queen of Gems, and it's easy to see why: The Opal gemstone has pieces of all the other gemstones contained within, and offers healing powers with as much variety as you can imagine.


It's incredible how much we all share in common with this October birthstone. Water, the essential ingredient for all life, makes up 6-10% of all conventional jewelry made with the Opal stone – life's essence is often closer than you think.

Opal is a confidence gemstone, faithful, and true to itself. But it's confidence shouldn't be confused with bravado or arrogance: Opal's true strength comes from its inclusiveness. Opal is the kaleidoscope that shows us how all life can co-exist together in harmony, with strength, hope, and love for each other.


For those in special need of healing, jewelry with Opals set in them can help to protect your inner and outer vision, and fend off evil in all its forms.

The healing power of Opal strengthens memory and increases the appetite to live with all our inner strength, even the strength we thought was gone, or too buried ever to emerge again.


Let's take a moment to talk about chakras. My love bugs, chakras are the spinning wheels of life-force that move inside each of us. Each of us has seven chakras. The first is at the base of the spine, the next is just a little further up the spine, running all the way through the body, ending at the very top of the head.


Opal comes to us at the very moment of transition, from one season to the next, from warm to cold, green to yellow. What's most amazing to me, love bugs, is that it comes in so many varieties and affects each of our seven chakras in such different ways.

Let me tell you about just three of them: Green Andean Opals connect our lower and upper chakras, intimately connecting mind and body. The blue Opal connects strongest with our throat chakra, giving our speech clarity when it's most needed. Hyalite is the sometimes called the "Water Opal" due to its colorless features. Hyalite stimulates our connection to the spiritual world. It connects us with those in our past, present, and those who are soon to transition.


The Opal is a true kaleidoscope of colors, with healing powers just as varied.

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