Opal: October's Birthstone

Opal: October's Birthstone





The weather has become crisp, the colorful leaves have begun to fall, October has arrived. October’s birthstone, the Opal, is a stone as unique as the season. It is an array of colors that leaves one in serenity. 

The Opal has a history as beautiful as the gem itself. It was highly esteemed by Rome, noting the way the stone seems to capture the essence of a multitude of healing crystals. It has also been noted to be the “Queen of Gems”. It has been forged for those with the strength of heart and spirit. Her use has no limits. She can be used at home to ease fussy children, stressed adults, or create a sense of peace and equilibrium within a household. Within the workplace, she will resonate with re-energizing and revitalizing you if you feel depleted. Carry her with you as a stone in your pocket or as a necklace close to your heart to be protected and healed within your presence wherever you may travel.


The energy of this particular crystal resonates with your inner fire, intuition, and drive. She not only protects her wearer from the heaviness of depression or stress, but she also eases restlessness. October’s birthstone will enhance happier dreams and soothes those around her. Opal is a stone of motherhood and connects mother and child, strengthening their bond in emotion and life.

Physically, opal may be used to benefit the health of your eyes and skin. She may heighten your eyesight and is useful in recovering from dehydration or fever. She has been linked to aiding the healing process of blood and kidney infections. Those with Parkinson's utilize the Opal as she enhances neurotransmitter activity and this eases symptoms. Furthermore, she balances female hormones and provides comfort in times of physical distress.




Since opal is such a colorful gem, she resonates with all seven chakras. She mostly balances the Crown chakra, enhancing insight and spirituality. She will heal an unbalanced or poorly flowing chakra. Depending on the color she will resonate with one more than another.

 She will protect you in the final months of the year. She will enhance your intuition, your comfort, and your goal-driven ambitions. Opal will center you. She will balance you while opening visions to you that enhance your individuality and your future. Celebrate the colorful months of fall, with the color birthstone of October, opal.



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