Healing Crystals for Pisces

Healing Crystals for Pisces


There are many healing crystals that can be utilized by the "understanding" Picses. As a Pisces, you are gentle and affectionate, captivating and strong. It is important that your emotions stay balanced. Sometimes you may experience fright or a desire to escape reality. It is important to stay grounded during these times. You are friendly. You enjoy music and the arts. You are forever faithful and are emotionally elevated. 

Picses is a compassionate and creative sign. You can utilize protective stones well. Amethyst, which is also the birthstone of February, is vital to your spiritual health and protection. Furthermore amethyst is ideal for creative spaces or alone time. She balances and heals the Crown Chakra. A healthy Crown Chakra enhances your connection to the universal energies around you. She will resonate with your creativity and love for the arts!

Aquamarine, a brilliantly blue healing crystal, is the birthstone of March. She can also be utilized by the loving Pisces. Aquamarine flows with power like water, the element of Pisces. She would ideally be used in a relaxing place. Perhaps while you take a bath or shower. This healing stone resonates with the throat chakra, allowing for communication and understanding of your emotions. Aquamarine is a protective stone. She will enhance positive emotion and energy around you. She shields you from your oversensitive tendencies.

Those born beneath this sign are forever caring people. It is important to stay moving and grounded. Using the healing crystal Jade as a jewelry piece or decorative piece will bring stability and longevity to you. Lapis Lazuli will help with communicating your thoughts and emotions forward to those around you. It is important to communicate how you feel. It will bring you peace and happiness.

Picses are naturally intuitive and wise. Their empathy and understanding of others is paramount to their success and happiness in life. They draw people close as they know how to love well. You are a dreamer and an artist. You are lovely and determined to make your life beautiful!

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