Sapphire: September's Birthstone

Sapphire: September's Birthstone



The Sapphire is a well-known crystal of mythical stories and powerful healing properties. Resonating with wisdom, royalty, and healing throughout history the Blue Sapphire has been highly praised by many generations and cultures as a superb healing crystal. She is a stone of faith and hope, of healing and a brighter future. As blue as the ocean, Sapphire will resonate with you in many ways.


September’s birthstone, Sapphire, holds an esteemed position among healing gems in Hebrew and Greek history. This is also true in Buddhist and Christian religions. She is a stone of worship, intuition, and hope that brings those around her peace and prosperity. Just as ancient cultures believed her to be a stone of protection, the same belief is used by modern cultures today that utilize sapphire.


Mentally, this stone has powerful effects on the mind. She can be a gem that enhances vivid dreams. She wakes the conscious of those around her. Therefore, she is perfect to either have at your bedside or in your office! Her beautiful blue presence that shines like tropical ocean water will ease your anxiety and protect you from chaos or negativity.


Physically, Blue Sapphire is known to slowly and persistently heal every part of the physical body in small increments. She is particularly useful to those who suffer from insomnia. She can purify the toxins from your body and the water that is retained within your body. She can be used to treat ear and eye infections, hearing problems, and vertigo. Blue sapphire has also been used to address blood disorders, thyroid issues, and dementia.

Sapphire resonates with the balancing and healing of the Throat Chakra and Third-eye Chakra. She will increase your communication and vocal skills efficiency so that your thoughts and emotions are communicated clearly to those around you. A balanced Throat Chakra will awaken your consciousness and create an internal and external insight of the world and of yourself. Sapphire is also used to balance the emotions in relationships, both platonic and romantic. September’s birthstone will increase communication, understanding and thus love and trust.

She will brighten your future and increase your focus. Your vision, your dreams, and your goals will be clearly sought after when you utilize sapphire healing properties. Not only does she balance and heal the physical body but she eases the mind and protects the emotions of those around her. She enhances self-expression and confidence in that expression. She will bring you a bright and clear focus that will propel you into a better tomorrow.




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