Healing Crystals for Taurus

Healing Crystals for Taurus

Those born between April 19th and May 20th were born beneath the sign of the Taurus. The Taurus is a bull, patient and stubborn but devoted and loving. They resonate with Venus and the colors of pink and green. Their loyalty is shown in their interaction with those they hold dear. A Taurus is well grounded, one who is looked upon for advice and help.

While Tauruses are strong and smart they tend to become irritable when change occurs or insecurities are present. Slow and steady wins the race. They are in no rush but take their time to work towards happiness and success. They refuse to give up on their dreams and on those they love.

The calmness of Taurus resonates with healing crystals. Gems can be utilized by this sign in an array of positive ways. Taurus is connected deeply with green, a stone like Jade or Emerald will be especially powerful for Taurus. They will encourage you to push yourself to reach a fulfilling life when you need it. Self imposed limitation will be eased, anxieties about your dreams will be lessened with these healing crystals.

 Kyanite will resonate with your third eye chakra. Sometimes Taurus needs more insight into their future and what they desire. Having a balanced third eye chakra will help with your movement forward and your understanding of the universe around you.

Taurus is full of love and compassion. Sometimes it gets lost in translation. To ease this and let love flow from you utilize rose quarts or rhodonite. These gems will not only help you express your love for others but express your love for yourself as well.

Taurus is a sign of great strength and perseverance. They appreciate hard work and give it back in return. They will never give up on you. Their love is pure and loyal. When overwhelmed healing crystals can ease your stress. Always know that loving yourself is part of your success and some gems may aid with this as well. There is truly not another sign as dedicated as Taurus.







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