Topaz: November's Birthstone

Topaz: November's Birthstone

November is a month full of color and love. This fall month’s birthstone is Topaz. She is the color of the leaves, the setting sun, and the warmth of a fireplace. She is a gold-yellow shade that enchants those around her with her beauty and her healing properties. Topaz is a stone is a passionate stone of fire. She soothes those around her while healing and stimulating the body, mind, and soul.

Historically, Topaz has been used as a stone to express one’s vibrancy and status. It is a stone of opulence and extravagance. However, she is also a stone of generosity, kindness, and mindfulness. She has been used in both solar and lunar rituals across cultures. Topaz is a stone of riches, where the value is in a kind heart and a welcoming presence.

November’s birthstone is a beautiful crystal. She can be worn as a necklace or bracelet to keep you calm and emotionally stable at all times. Perhaps you will keep her next to your bed for peaceful sleep. She would be ideal in a place of faith or worship because she enhances one's spiritual development. Topaz could also simply be used as a comforting stone that one carries around in their pocket to avoid negativity or fear.

Often in the winter months, our emotions become unbalanced and we feel distracted from the person we know we really are. Topaz can help rebalance and rejuvenate our passions and our emotions in a positive and healthy way. She stabilizes the emotional being that you are and resonates with forgiveness and honesty. She promotes peace and relaxation. Also she enhances calmness and emotional healing from past heartbreak or trauma. She not only heals but increases the passion and vibrancy already found in you. Topaz cleanses the aura and will resonate with many chakras depending on the color of Topaz you utilize. You will find yourself being passionate about projects, people, and life when you have Topaz near you.

Physically, this healing crystal is powerful. She will increase your energy and recharge you. November’s birthstone is ideal for increasing blood circulation and may heal issues with the liver, gallbladder, and brain function.

Topaz is a powerful healing crystal. One that balances the emotions, promotes growth, and a sense of safety within each of us. She is ideal for the fall and winter months when we may seek out an extra bit of support and passion. She is a stone of wealth and energy. Utilize her healing properties and feel rejuvenated, passionate, and love within your heart and soul.

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