What Are Chakras?

What Are Chakras?

When the world is constantly changing so are you. In these cases, you may often seek stability through health and spirituality. Liberating yourself by truly becoming knowledgeable with your soul can enhance your life greatly! You may ask how do you understand your spiritual energy? How do you master it and use it for positivity and health? The answer often lies in your Chakras!


Bodies and spirits contain many chakras within them. These “wheels” of energies are found throughout points in your body. Vital to each of us and how you consider who you are. When healthy and balanced your Chakras flow vital energies through your mind, body, and spirit.  The seven most important Chakras form a rainbow, they include: the red Root Chakra, the orange Sacral Chakra, the yellow Solar Plexus, the green Heart Chakra, the indigo Third Eye, and finally the violet Crown Chakra. Each within certain parts of you where certain energy forms are most present.


Each Chakra corresponds with an important color. Colors are powerful in their resonating ability of certain chakra intensities. Incorporating colors of chakras into your life enhances certain energies and feelings. There is a rainbow of chakra colors to match the rainbow of energies that compose who you are. To know the colors of the chakra is to know how you can rejuvenate where you feel you are lacking. Perhaps you are working on an important project for work and need to enhance your communication energy, your Throat Chakra will flow better when you are wearing or surrounded by blues and indigos.

Chakras are points in your soul and body where your spirituality thrives, when they are not healthy or are blocked you will not feel at your finest. Do not fret though! You are powerful and therefore can securely access to your excellence through healing. Your brilliance can bridge the relationship between body, mind, and spirit. Healing your Chakras will enable you to be capable and peaceful within your life. Allowing you to stay grounded and spiritually elevated at the same time! Self-care is essential. Efficient self-care is found in Chakra healing. Accessing your energy is accessing your potential and raising yourself to new heights!


When you walk into the sun and the warmth blooms across your skin you are feeling energy. Balancing your Chakras can be as enlightening as stepping into the light! In a world full of physical and mental stresses, being balanced and healthy spiritually and physically has never been more important.


When you are feeling in need of spiritual and energetic elevation seek resolution in Chakra healing. Often these actions are easy and realistic integrations you can make your everyday life. Many healing crystals can help with spiritual, physical and emotional healing. For example, when you need to balance and heal your Heart Chakra, perhaps attaining some rose quartz or jade can restore inner peace and love. There are so many possibilities! Having a flowing and healthy chakra system means you can focus on thriving in your own greatness!


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