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LaMens Men's Third-eye Chakra Bracelet

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This handcrafted men's bracelet is a stunning piece of jewelry that combines the healing properties of matte onyx, Lapis lazuli, and pyrite stones. The smooth and matte black onyx stones are complemented by the deep blue hues of the Lapis lazuli, which are flecked with golden pyrite accents. The pyrite stones add a touch of metallic luster and sophistication to the piece.

Crafted with intention by a skilled artisan who is also a healer, this bracelet is designed to provide powerful healing benefits. Onyx is known to provide strength and protection, while Lapis lazuli is believed to promote inner peace and clarity. Pyrite enhances willpower and confidence, making this bracelet perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of style and healing to their daily wardrobe.

Whether you're looking for a special gift or a unique addition to your own jewelry collection, this handcrafted matte onyx, Lapis lazuli, and pyrite men's bracelet is a must-have. Its expert craftsmanship and powerful healing properties make it a truly unique and special piece of jewelry.