Ruby: July's Birthstone

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        The Ruby is a mythical stone that has many legends and tales written about it. Its magical beauty is matched...

Alexanderite: June's Birthstone

LaMens .Co

    The rare gemstone, Alexandrite, is as unique as those born in June. At first appearance this healing crystal is ...

Emerald: May's Birthstone

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    May’s birthstone, Emerald, is a crystal of revitalization. Whether it is love, passion, or motivation her presenc...

Diamond: April's Birthstone

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 April is a month of new beginnings. With Spring’s arriv...

March Birthstone: Blood Stone

LaMens .Co

March has arrived and one of the birthstones for the third month of the year is Bloodstone. A unique and dramatic ...

Amethysts' Amazing Purple Reign

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    February is a month for love. It’s a time to look at your partner, or that person who makes you smile and ma...

Getting Cozy with Rose Quartz

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  Life is full of surprises. Sometimes these surprises are so audacious that they defy all belief and expectatio...

What Are Chakras?

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When the world is constantly changing so are you. In these cases, you may often seek stability through health and spi...

The Tea on Citrine

LaMens .Co

  Citrine – November birthstone     This gemstone is named after its color, yellow as a lemon. However, t...

Octobers' Opal

LaMens .Co

The October birthstone, Opal, is a kaleidoscope of playful colors. In ancient times it was known as the Queen of Gems...

Flowing With Aquamarine

LaMens .Co

      Aquamarine mesmerizes with it’s ocean-blue to a frosty snow-white color range. Aquamarine is the color of ...

Nature’s Graffiti

LaMens .Co

    Welcome to the official LaMens blog, love bugs. In this blog, you will find all sorts of useful informati...
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